#WCW Women Crush Wednesday: Madonna

Madonna has been up to her old tricks again, she has recently been creating media fire (like, whats new), since she posed topless for the December/January issue of Interview magazine, everyone has her name on their lips. Of course everybody will have their opinions about it, good and bad, especially since she's 56 and a mother of two. 

But no matter what you say or think about Madonna, one thing we do know is that she simply does not and will not ever care. Madonna is the epitome of a strong, fearless women, who is definitely not afraid to push the boundaries. Let's aside from her music, this is what she known for. 

Not to mention she's a pop icon, a true legend. So today we give ode Miss Maz, not because she got her girls out for a magazine but simply because, she dont give a damn, she lives by her own rules, she's the reinvention queen, (I don't any artist who has reinvented themselves as much as Madonna, Beyonce take note!) and she's hugely successful. Now if thats not something to admire I don't know what is!

What are your opinions on Madonna's new raunchy spread? Leave your comments below. xx 


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