Throwback Thursday - Salt n Pepper
Salt and Peppers here and they want you to push it, push it real good! Being a 80's baby, I still reminisce about the days when hip hop was all about positive messages and good vibes. Battling MC's was all in good spirit and rocking them fat gold chains was the ish!
Salt'n'Pepper were like the 80's equivalent of Nicki Minaj, except they were about positive sexual messages for women (remember 'Let's Talk About Sex')...and of course there three of them (including their DJ Spinderella). Female rappers back then didn't dress half naked, because their lyrics was enough to make a statement. They used their lyrics to express their sexual independence, and they did it with attitude and sass!
Salt'n'Pepper rapped about female sexuality, safe sex and girl power while rocking baggy pants, t-shirts and baseball caps. They were one of the originals when it came to women talking freely about their sexuality and what they liked.
Salt'n'Pepper was one of thee biggest female rap groups of their time so Im paying homage to my girls. Love my bad bitches!

Salt 'n' Pepper Top Three Hot Playlist



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