About Us

Independent, online London based jewellery boutique. Dedicated to bringing you cool, edgy statement jewellery and accessories.
Featured in various press and founded by Natalie Grant in August 2013, our collection is inspired by the bold, statement jewellery trend that has arisen in the last few years. We offer an eclectic range of statement fashion jewellery including vintage inspired jewellery, urban retro jewellery, urban glam jewellery and edgy jewellery with a hint vintage, rock glam thrown in!

We pride ourselves on combining great style, without compromising on quality. You can keep updating your wardrobe with gorgeous, trendy pieces without breaking the bank. 


"I've always loved fashion jewellery and accessories, mixing old and new styles and experimenting with trends. I love how fashion allows us to be creative and express who we are as individuals. I also find it amazing that costume jewellery can not only transform your outfit, but how you feel as well. My mission is to allow women to be able to find gorgeous, unique statement pieces that they wont find everywhere else, that are affordable, but still great quality."  


Natalie Grant - Founder and Managing Director