Care Guide

Here at Love Thy Accessories we want your jewellery to last and last! Therefore we recommend that you take reasonable steps to protect your pieces and love them like they will love you!

With proper use and care of your fashion jewellery pieces they can last you a lifetime.So we've added some tips on how to care for your fashion jewellery.


  •  Please avoid direct contact with perfumes, hairsprays, water and detergent, as these may cause damage to your jewellery. Please be aware that in the course of time discolouration may occur, due to wear and the degree of acidity of your skin.

  • It is advised not to wear jewellery in the bath or to bed, or when exercising, as this can cause unreasonable wear and tear. Add jewellery last when dressing.

  • When not worn jewellery should be carefully stored away to avoid damage and the tarnishing process.

Remember the more careful you are, the longer your jewellery will last!